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Related post: Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 22:57:37 -0800 From: Justyn Subject: Reese and Me 12 - Flicker-Gaymale -Highschool Reese and Me 12 - Flicker February 27, 2001Written by Jamie McHaleDisclaimer and Warning - This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature.Note - This story is the property of the writer. Any copying in part or in whole preteen underage webcam of this document is prohibited. This story is completely fictional and does not involve any real people.This story is part of the Reese and Me series.EMAIL me if you have any comments. ____________________________________________________________________________ Reese and Me 12 preteen snuff films - Flicker The flames flickered lightly as preteen boyz bbs a night breeze crept its way into my room through the open window. The candles we'd lit sat on my bedside table. Reese's sweaty body was glued against mine. My hands worked his cock as he sucked on my neck. He helped along the process of my hand job by pumping forward almost uncontrollably. He was loving it, and I could tell by what he was doing to my neck. I knew my parents would be wondering where the hickey came from, but in lsmagazine free preteen the heat of the moment I didn't care. I whacked Reese's seven inches harder and harder. He let out raped preteen mpegs a long breath, coming in even closer than before. Continuing to bite and lick my neck, he settled in on my chest. He'd draped his leg around mine, limiting my access to his cock. He'd bored of my hand job, which wasn't unusual. Reese was an animal. He always kept moving, doing something new. And tonight, he was really video olita preteen in the mood. It was Friday night, two weeks after our beating. He was hot black preteens almost completely healed. And he was back to looking just as peeing on preteen hot as before. My man, Reese. Straddling me, Reese bent down so that we could kiss. I accepted his tongue into my mouth, and we shared a passionate kiss. I was in heaven as he began dry humping me. Our cocks against each other, he thrusted forward. He was so sexual, and I loved preteen clits pic it. We kissed again, and then Reese began making his way preteen latina cp down my chest for my throbbing cock. preteen teenage porn I layed back into my pillow, closing my eyes as he started sucking. The minutes passed, and he kept going and going. I knew I wouldn't last much longer when he began increasing his rate of speed. My hands preteens japan nonude tightened around the back of his head as my body tensed up. I fired shot after shot of load into his throat. It wasn't long before I was on his dick. I squeezed the base of his shaft with my right hand as I started sucking on the knob. I pulled the foreskin up and down with my lips, pleasuring him for a long ten or fifteen minutes before he launched his load into my mouth. Envelopped in total satisfaction, we both layed there in silence. After I'd finally made my way back up to his level, I dropped my tired head back into my pillow. I shot a glance his way. He still had his inna preteen nude eyes closed. I loved that. Reese kept savouring the moment long after it had passed. After five minutes went by, I began to wonder if he'd already fallen fantasy preteen sex asleep. "Reese?" I asked, touching his chest with my right index. We was absolutely drenched in sweat, candid hot preteens but then again, red preteen gallery so was I. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, "Yeah?" I sucked in a deep breath, adjusting my position on the bed. "I wasn't sure if you were asleep or not." Reese's preteen nudist magazines response was a slight nod. He then closed his eyes again. "Tired, my man?" We were still ass-naked, and above the covers. My hands rubbed the preteen science magazines side of his leg. "Yeah," Reese replied, taking my hand in his. He squeezed it for a second, then released it, letting it drop down onto his chest. I decided to go to sleep. So, I reached pretty preteens preteens xx model down and pulled up the sheets to cover our nude bodies. As I settled back, Reese let out a sigh, cuddling up to me. I put my arms around his waist, bringing him in close. And, that's the way we slept the entire night. We woke up in each other's arms. modeling preteen service His naked body felt so good to the touch, especially in preteen video strippers the morning. I squeezed him tight as I stretched my torso. "Morning," I pretty preteen fucking said, smiling. Reese opened his eyes, "Hi," he replied plainly. preteen underage girls Reese was notorious with his family (and anyone who knew him) as being a grump in the morning. It was almost hairy preteens bbs to the point where he was a different person. My man began to pull away from me to turn on his side. I let him, still smiling. He wasn't fatty preteen pic in the mood to be held anymore. That was okay, because I had to hit the shower. I got up onto boy models preteen my feet and made my way over to the closet. I had morning half-wood. My cut preteens fucked asian six incher was only half erect. Reese sandra photos preteen glanced over at me as I chose my clothes for the day. "Nice dink," he remarked, scratching at his hair. I looked tiny petite preteens down at my cock, giving it a few light flicks with my index. It bobbed up and down and real preteen defloration side to side. I laughed a little, "I know." "Come back to preteen party models bed," Reese ordered all of a sudden. I was a little surprised by this. Perhaps I'd been able to bypass his early morning bad mood. "Okay, but only for a bit." I stepped back over to the bed preteens pedo nudes and climbed in with Reese. He cuddled up to me again. This shocked me even more. "You're in a good mood this morning," I pointed out, running my fingers through his black hair. Whatever trace of gel was long-gone (he'd done a lot of sweating cartoon preteen incest the night before.) "Yeah, I guess," Reese replied, rubbing my bare chest. I held my man close for what seemed like two or three hours. I think he fell back asleep fucking underage preteens for most of that, but I was enjoying our time together just as much, if not more than he was. Finally, at about ten to one, I forced myself out of the bed and into the shower. I was kind of expecting Reese to join me there, but he didn't. I stood, dressing in front of the mirror in the bathroom. I threw on a pair of black cargo pants, with a plain white T-shirt. My silver medalion went on top of the shirt. It was becoming part of my daily wardrobe. I wore it about every two days, but it was becoming even more frequent. I'd been through a lot of shit with it on, and I was still blackcat preteen images kicking. It was like my good luck charm. In a way, it gave me a sense of security. I returned to my bedroom to find that Reese was gone. I quickly searched the house. It was unlike Reese to leave without preteens free picks telling me first. After I was unable to retrieve my boyfriend, I took a seat in one of the chairs at the kitchen table. My mind was on the day ahead. What would I do? I didn't have anything planned. Or wait! I was supposed to call Chase. We'd hung around for a few hours at the Galleria the past weekend. And we'd made more plans at that time. I went for the phone, entering the living room. The cordless was sitting on the coffee table. As I leaned over to pick it up, it suddenly rang. After checking the ID display, I'd determined that it was Reese. I pressed talk and put the phone to my ear. "Hey," I said, my tone more than a little serious. "Hi," Reese responded. "What's going on?" "What's going on is I'm wondering where the hell you disappeared to," I told him, dropping down into the couch. "I came home for a shower, that a crime?" Reese explained, sounding more playful than anything. "No, I guess not." I settled back into the couch, "So what you doin' today?" "Nothing, think I'm gonna just fake preteen galleries stay here and play dark preteen lls Dreamcast. preteen rape daddy I rented like exotic stories preteens three games last night and didn't get a chance to play 'em preteen lotila models cuz I was over at your house." "K," I agreed. I lingerie pic preteen intended to give Chase a call and possibly spend the day cruising around and going for coffee with him. If Reese wanted to sit around and play video games by himself, that was fine with me. I'd just catch up with him later that night. "I guess I'll call you after asian hot preteen supper. You can come over and have some more sex with me. My parents won't be back 'till Sunday afternoon." "Sweet," Reese said in accordance. "Later." "See you," I said, pressing talk to end the conversation. The female preteen nudes next thing I did was call Chase. We agreed to meet each other at Ponter's. It was this restaurant/dinner/bar that a bunch of my friends frequented. It was close to our school, so it was convenient. Yes, things were definitely beginning to perk up a little germany preteens topless lately. My rep was clear at school due to the release of an edited version of my taped conversation. And, I'd made new friends with Chase. He was refreshing. He was always in a good mood, always up-beat. He put a different spin on things in my life. Even though I wasn't considering an actual relationship with him, it was nice to hang around with another gay male. I didn't know for sure that he was gay, but I was pretty certain. My gay-dar told me so. We preteen 16 topless didn't talk much about sexual orientation, only about generic things. Even so, he was just so pleasant that he was fun to preteen russian nasty talk to. It wasn't long before I was making my way out the door for the Miata. My parents were out of town, so I basically had access to whichever vehicle I wanted. The Miata was, of course, my first choice. I climbed into the sleek sports car, turning the key in the ignition. I buckled my seat belt and put the car into reverse. Almost pulling a 180, I threw the car back into the deserted street. Immediately going into first gear, I began up the road for Ponter's. The CD playing photobucket preteen girl in the stereo was Method Man and Redman. "Blackout," in particular, was on. I jacked up the volume, giving sweet preteen galleries it plenty of base. I moved in my seat to the music. All the way to Ponter's, I drove like a bat out of hell. God, I had fun in that car. I took advantage of every horse under the hood. After preteen nude pedo parking the Miata, I made my way into Ponter's through the front entrace. preteen girls photos0 It was pretty slow. There was barely anyone around. This made it easy to spot Chase sitting by the back wall in a booth. I walked over to him, ordering a Pepsi on the way by the bar. Arriving at the booth, I took fun just preteen a seat in front of Chase. "How's it goin'?" I asked, smiling. "Good, good. And you?" Chase was looking fine. He was dressed in mostly red and black. lsm preteen pussy His brown hair was slightly messed with gel. "Perfect," I replied, straightening my shirt. "Cool," he began, "So what you up preteen model n to t'day?" "Nothing really. Other than with you, I didn't have anything to do," I explained to him, ruffling my hair a little. I didn't preteens gays pics know quite why, but looking good to him was very important. If I wasn't with Reese, Chase wouldn't have to ask little models preteen me twice to jump in the sack with him. I suddenly felt a little bad preteen virgin lola for having these maxwell asian preteen feelings for Chase. But, I realized that's all that they were. Feelings. And, as long as i didn't act on them, I wasn't doing anything nude preteen loitas wrong. "You thinking of heading over to the mall after? Cuz it's fucken dead here," Chase remarked, having a look around the restaurant. "Sure," I answered, "Why not?" Chase nodded, "Cool." I was desperate to find something to underage preteen nudist say. My mind just went blank, as it usually did when I was talking to people I liked. "So . . . " Chase began, "What'd you do sex preteen clothes last night?" "Hung with Reese, nothing I guess," I replied. "You?" "I went bowling with a few friends. Tasha, Jay, and Eric. Know 'em?" "Yeah." I took a sip of my pop. "From school right?" "Yep," asserted Chase smiling at me from across the table. It didn't take me very long to realize what he was smiling about. I was dripping Pepsi all over the front of my shirt. I couldn't believe my stupidity as I rose to my feet. My face was bright red as I made my way into the bathroom, having abandoned Chase at the table. I quickly stepped up to the sink and ran preteens lesbian nude some cold water. Cursing myself, I wiped at the stains with the water. As I stood there, swearing my head off, Chase walked through the door. "Let me help you," he said, coming up to me. preteen art banned My heart began to race. I wasn't sure what was going to preteen underage board happen, until he put his arms around me from behind to help me spread the water around on the front of my shirt. I felt his warm hands through my porn preteen adult wet T-shirt. He rubbed my chest and stomach tenderly, making his way lower and lower. I stared at him through the mirror as he did this. I was completely paralized. I couldn't move, much less try to stop him. He continued to go lower and lower until his hands were rubbing the growing bulge in my pants. nude asian preteens Chase was in control, and for a good minute, I couldn't do anything about it. My dick reached full erection, sticking straight out. That was when I regained control. I moved away from him, stepping over toward the urinals on the oposite wall. "Sorry, preteens underwear pics but I can't," I told him, wiping the droplets of water off my hands chinas preteens movies and onto the front of my shirt. "It's okay," Chase said immediately. "You're with Reese, then?" I was so surprised I almost fell over. "How'd you know about that?" I demanded, turning to him. preteen girl dog "Just a guess," Chase explained, cracking a smile. I'd just rejected him and he was smiling. God, what a guy! "Good guess," I told him, smiling back. "You know Chase, if I wasn't going out with Reese . . . " "You don't have to say that," Chase said, cutting me off. "You're obviously in a relationship right now, and you're happy." "Yeah," I replied, stepping closer to him. I reached down into my pants to fix my fading erection. "You'll be the first one I come find if ever Reese and I break up." In that moment, something came over me that was almost overwhelming. I nude preteen pics had the urge to make love to him right there in the public washroom. He was so hot, and he was gay. I resisted my temptations, though. And I decided that I should probably leave. I couldn't be around him. He made me almost want to dump Reese for him. It was horrible, but true. "I have to go," I said, beginning for the door. "I hope you'll still call me and stuff," Chase said, touching my arm as I walked past him. "Of course," I answered, turning back to him for a moment. "I'll call you tomorrow or something, but right now I have to go home xxx kids preteen and jerk off. You got me all horned up." preteen nudist angels "Wish I could come forum sex preteens over and help you with that!" he called as I stepped out of the washroom for the bar. I promptly paid bbs video preteen for my Pepsi and started for the door. Chase was all I could think about all the way home. My cock was still twitching as I russian preteen naturism arrived in my driveway. Exiting the Miata, I decided that the first thing I preteen sex links was going to do was whack off. I had to shed some of this sexual tension. youngest ever preteens After entering my house through the preteen pantygirls front door, I immediately made my way into the basement rec room. Dropping my keys on the coffee table, I lowered myself onto the leather couch. My hands were already working the protrusion in the front of my pants. It wasn't long before I'd pulled down my blue silk boxers, and was jacking my dick as hard as I ever had. My breathing eratic, I beat faster and faster until I barely had control over myself. My body surged with pleasure as I approached orgasm. What was most interesting were my masturbatory thoughts. Although Chase was the one who'd lit my nude preteen amateurs fire on that particular occasion, I thought about Reese. I thought about how we made love to each other. I pictured his smooth body, his big cock. When I started to blow my load, I realized that I still had my shirt on. But it was too late to do anything about it. preteen xxx gratis I let my load of hot cum spray across the already wet T-shirt. I redhead preteen girls spasmed with preteen adolescent art pleasure, tensing up all of my muscles. After it was over, I lay there thinking about what had happened. Chase had put his hands on me. I could have had sex with him, right there in the bathroom at Ponter's. And what really scared me was that I was nude preteen goddesses considering doing it for a good thirty seconds. I could have cheated on Reese for a second time. This thought cut into my heart like the blade of a knife. How awful, I thought. It could have happened again. Now that I had things straightened out with Reese, I could have ruined everything in one spur of the moment sexual act. And I had been considering having sex with Chase. I just wanted to shoot myself. I shook my head in anger. preteenz top 50 And, in that moment, I made it preteen hardcore search my priority to make sure that something like this didn't happen again. preteens virgin pussy Suddenly, I heard a clamour upstairs. I jolted out of the couch and onto my feet. Ripping up my pants and boxers, I quickly tore off my messy shirt porn preteens movies and disposed of it under the couch. My hard-on was long gone portal model preteensnude now, so I wasn't worried about that. I made my way through the door into the hallway, and peered up the stairs into the foyer. It was Reese. "Reese," I said, surprised, "What you doing here?" "We had plans to have sex." He smiled, stepping toward the top of the staircase. "Remember?" "Yeah," I uttured, smiling back at him. Reese reached the bottom of the stairs. He grabbed me by the side of the face and pulled me into a kiss. We smootched briefly and then turned to enter the rec room. "What you doin' without a shirt? You were expecting me?" Reese asked, getting touchy-feely with me already. "No, I preteenporn free was just a little hot," I lied, taking a seat on the couch. Reese joined me, dropping right down into my lap. We kissed again. He looked preteensex foto so good. He had his hair spiked up in big groupings. It was kind of a wild hair-style, but it looked awesome on Reese. Anything looked good on Reese. As we made out, Reese ran his fingers down along my crotch. preteen sex binaries Soon, we were taking off each other's clothes. I preteen model mandy rubbed, kissed, and licked his chest. Even though I'd just blown a load, I knew I preteen nude fuckers could still go for a bit. Reese wasn't going to let me deny him anyway, so I considered it pretty much my responsibility. It was a responsibility that I gladly accepted, however. My dick was once again, fully erect. As Reese started to make his way preteen amazing models down toward my blog photos preteen genitals, I stopped him. Chase was still eating away at me. I had to tell Reese about it. If I didn't, I'd feel like I was betraying him. "Reese," I began, "I have to tell you about something." "What?" he demanded, right in the mood to get down on me. "Chase put his hands on me today," I explained, having decided to just come out with it. "Where?" Reese asked immediately, moving back up to my level. "At Ponter's, in the bathroom." "What do you mean, put his hands on you?" I could tell that this news had really pissed him off. I might have ruined his mood. "He like came up behind me and started to go for my dick," I said, brushing back my hair. "I pushed him away." "Good," Reese barked, "You won't be hanging around with that guy anymore will you?" I wasn't sure how I was supposed to answer that question. Chase was fun to be with. He had a charming personality, and I enjoyed talking with him. The thought of being restricted from spending time with him wasn't very attractive. But, if it was the choice between Chase farm preteen and Reese, my decision was already russian little preteen made. I'd be going with Reese. "No, I chat kids preteen won't," I finally responded. Immediately, with a surge of energy, I grabbed for him, pulling him back down on top of me. We made love to each other for hours, each of us blowing 3+ loads of jism. Our hands were all over each other. It was like our first time. We were so full of passion and love. Reese was the best. He was everything I needed, everything I could ask for. If I had to sacrifice a few friends to keep him, then it was worth it. Keep those comments coming, at! gallery preteen black
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